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Oprah, The Black-eyed Peas & The Kingdom

The video below has been a steady feature in the Oakes household.  Nearly every day my girls come into the office and ask to watch it…but they don’t just watch it…it sets their feet to dancing and their voices to singing.  They are moments that Kelly and I have treasured in our heart. 

There is more to this than my girls, however.  The choreography below is a vivid reminder of the kind of unified choreography that will exist when we lift our voices to the Exalted One on the day of His Return and Forevermore!  (Or at least it is closer to what I can imagine it might be like!) Enjoy!

One Sweet Ride

No, there’s not much bragging I can do about my 2007 Toyota Corolla.  It’s a very average car to say the least.  Still, it offered me one sweet ride yesterday morning as I made the 2 hour journey to Ridgecrest, CA to preach.  Every 1st Sunday of the month I make this trip and nearly every time I am accompanied by the unlikeliest of passengers.  She is nearly 80 years old, Louisianan, Creole-born, raised Catholic, and has a life story with a path that is radically different than my own.  Still, our paths have collided regardless of our differences and we find ourselves sitting together on these Sunday mornings telling our stories and singing praises to our King.

My friend reminded me of the Kingdom moments we were sharing every time we rode out to Ridgecrest yesterday when, after about 5 minutes of riding in the car yesterday, she looked at me and said, “How in the world did we end up driving out to Ridgecrest together every 1st Sunday?”  It was a good question.  We live in a world that only serves to highlight the differences amongst my friend and I.  Age, race, socio-economic standing, etc., usually keep us from associating with one another and thus, we don’t get to see the beauty within.  This is not so in God’s Kingdom.  It is a place where Toyota Corolla’s can offer one sweet ride…where two totally different individuals come together under a common theme…that we are both children of the King!  It is the place where people on divergent paths find that their destination is the same, thanks to the grace of God.  It is the shared destination that makes all the difference. 

Thank you, God, for giving me the grace to see your kingdom moment.