Revelation – The World Reborn

The 7th lesson in the series on Reflections on Discipleship.  This lesson actually serves as an introduction to the book of Revelation.  As far as the series goes, this is the final lesson stemming from the first half of NT Wright’s book, “Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship.”  The first section dealt with “Looking to Jesus.”  The second section involves implementing what we see by becoming living sacrifices in our world. 

Revelation – The World Reborn

Mark – The Servant King

This is the 6th lesson in the series inspired from NT Wright’s “Reflections On Discipleship.”  In it we look at the chief characteristic of Jesus from the Gospel of Mark, his service to mankind. 

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Mark – The Servant King

Christmas Vision

Let the Light of the World cause you to be a light in the world this Christmas season.

Faith Outside the Lines

This is a shorter lesson prepared for Sunday, December 19th, the day of our Children’s Christmas program.  I tried to pull out something unique to children to highlight why we should imitate their faith.  Much of what is contained in this lesson is inspired by Mike Yaconelli’s “Dangerous Wonder.”  He highlights the unassuming, wild, often wreckless, ways of the child and offers this up as the manner in which we should approach our King.  We have too often had our Jesus ears deafened by traditionalism, expectations of others and our own spiritual baggage.  These things prevent us from knowing the amazement and wonder that children experience day in and day out.

Faith Outside the Lines

John: The Glory of God

Lesson #4 from “Reflections on Discipleship.”  John tells a new creation story in his gospel.  “In the beginning was the Word” inaugurates this Gospel account.  We failed under the original creation story…so John writes a fresh account based on the new creation that comes our way in Jesus Christ.  His focus throughout is placed squarely on the glory of Jesus Christ that was revealed in ever-increasing ways throughout his ministry, but supremely on the cross when he uttered the words, “It is finished.”  When he was lifted up (i.e. glorified) he did indeed draw all men to him.

John: The Glory of God

Colossians: The Battle Won

Lesson #3 from “Reflections on Discipleship.”  Colossians directs our thoughts on the supremacy of Jesus Christ over all powers and authorities!

Colossians: The Battle Won

Hebrews: The Final Sacrifice

This is lesson #2 in the series entitled “Reflections on Discipleship.”  In this we consider Jesus from the perspective of the writer of Hebrews.  In a word, Hebrew offers us the word “FINAL”.  Jesus is the final WORD, the final CHAPTER, the final HIGH PRIEST and the FINAL SACRIFICE.  

Hebrews: The Final Sacrifice